Everything Has a Front and a Back

My Best Strategies for Maintaining Work Life Balance and Achieving Equilibrium

I describe myself as an object in motion. I juggle my professional commitments, frequently travel, care for my kids, share my life with an awesome spouse, and still find time for the basics like exercise and nourishment. It’s safe to say that things pile up on both sides of my life almost as rapidly as dishes can accumulate in our kitchen sink. It can be a lot to handle.

A yoga teacher once told me that “everything has a front and a back.” For every moment of contentment on my own couch, I also love the feeling of having left a productive meeting with a business partner. Life has a curious way of presenting us with dualities, much like the two sides of a coin. We have our personal lives, with our families, homes, and the comfort of familiar routines. On the flip side, there’s our professional life, marked by the pursuit of goals, collaboration, and often, the need to adapt to new environments and challenges.

I, like many of you, am a creature of habit. There’s a profound comfort in the routines we build at home – the morning rituals, the meals we love to prepare, and the warmth of our own beds. These are the moments of stillness and stability that ground us.

However, the demands of our professional lives often take us away from these comforts. Travel, late-night meetings, and tight schedules can disrupt our routines. I often struggle to find ways to carry the stability and sense of home with me, no matter where I am. And sometimes, my inability to do that leaves me feeling spun out and drained. 

On the professional side, I’ve discovered immense satisfaction in the connections I’ve built with suppliers, customers, and colleagues. The collaborative energy, shared visions, and moments of creativity are like sparks that fuel my motivation. These interactions are the driving force behind my passion for what I do.

I want to be fully present in both spaces. And importantly, I want to maintain my sense of wholeness in all of my roles and endeavors. 

So, how do we maintain a sense of equilibrium in this balancing act? Here are some strategies for work-life balance that have worked for me:

Be Present in the Moment

Wherever you are, whether in a boardroom or with your family, practice being fully present in the moment. Engage deeply with your surroundings, people, and experiences to make the most of every situation. It was once said to me, and I repeat it often: BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE. This is challenging, but it is the most important skill we will ever develop. Without presence, nothing else can happen. 

Prioritize Pausing

In the day-to-day of professional life, don’t forget to prioritize intentional moments of stillness or pause. Whether it’s through meditation, journaling, or simply taking a moment to relax, taking time to be still helps you reflect and stay balanced. 

Maintain Personal Rituals

Whenever possible, hold on to your personal routines. Even when traveling or dealing with hectic workdays, finding moments to stick to your habits can provide a sense of stability. I personally have found workouts and time in my sauna to be two rituals I rarely pass up. 

Stay Connected

In today’s digital age, maintaining connections with loved ones has never been easier. Regular video calls and messages can bridge the gap between home and work, ensuring that you’re never too far from the people who matter most. Resist the urge to multi-task in those moments. If you are talking on the phone with your family- be fully there. 

Balancing work and life is a journey filled with front and back, with routines and change, with stability and growth. As I continue to navigate this journey, I’ve come to appreciate the dualities that shape our lives. It’s not about choosing one side over the other, but finding a way to embrace and appreciate both.

Have other strategies for work life balance that you’ve found helpful? Feel free to reach out and share.